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The pain in your lower back may be sciatica, or is it Lumbar Radiculopathy? How do we know the difference? The cause may be the answer. Or maybe the treatments that have worked or have not? Have you tried physical therapy with no results for your Lumbar Radiculopathy in Chino CA? How long did you do physical therapy? Did it start as acute low back pain and then get worse from there even after the physical therapy? During treatment did they just focus on the lumbar spine, the sciatic nerve, or all nerve roots?

Understanding Lumbar Radiculopathy in Chino CA

Lumbar Radiculopathy can be seen with muscle weakness and can improve with epidural steroid injections. Lumbar Sacral Radiculopathy would also show the same muscle weakness but may have more symptoms alone in the spinal nerve roots and might show more Radiculopathy symptoms. The best way to know for sure of course would be a physical exam since a lumbar disc herniation may give the same symptoms.

Nerve Roots

If it’s just one spinal nerve versus more than one nerve root or nerve roots then we may present with one symptom that feel’s like Lumbar Radiculopathy or just an ache which can be nerve root compression.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal Stenosis can affect the spinal canal and also cause muscle weakness. Patients with spinal stenosis or spinal canal stenosis may show symptoms like a disc herniation including nerve root pain, and numbness, but spinal canal stenosis can be even more serious as surgery can sometimes be the only option if the patient has tried to manage pain symptoms and the lumbar Radiculopathy and nerve root pain are still present.

Herniated Disc

Herniated Disc symptoms are much like lumbar Radiculopathy and nerve root pain. A lumbar disc herniation is by far the worst pain and may at times have numbness. The spinal nerve root where it exits the spinal canal after branching from the spinal cord is due to a bulging or herniated disc that has pinched off one side of the spinal cord, causing an interruption and possible neuropathy (loss/ damage) for nerve signals going through these nerves - which will cause leg symptoms like difficulty walking without feeling instant discomfort when putting pressure on them at any point during movement such as right foot vs left.

Relieve Pain

To Relieve Pain it's only natural that Dr. Bernath would want to help relieve your aches and pains at the Chino chiropractor clinic! He can diagnose what is causing sciatica symptoms, Radiculopathy symptoms, nerve root problems, muscle weakness, and lumbar spine pain as well as provide long-term relief with his holistic treatments for all types of back injuries or neurological issues like multiple sclerosis.

More about the Sciatic Nerve

With sciatic nerve pain, you may be experiencing a symptom rather than the actual condition. The burning leg pain along the nerve roots can happen when one's nerve roots get pinched or irritated which causes it to shoot up towards the lumbar spine and down one of the legs all the way to a foot. With Dr. Bernath at HealthStrong Chiropractic in Chino being able to diagnose what caused this so they could provide lasting natural treatment for patients suffering from such an injury!


Dr. Bernath has treated people from all over San Bernardino County who have been struggling with low back treatment in Chino since he first opened 17 years ago--and knows firsthand how important reliable medical attention really is when dealing with something this complex (not just "inflammatory").

Treatment Options

You have Options, we recommend starting with the least invasive like Chiropractic Care at our clinic in Chino, CA. Give us a Call for our Exclusive $59 Examination, Motion X-Ray, and Full Report with Dr. Bernath to find the Cause! Contact us at (909) 591-6233!


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