Tried Everything For Headache Pain In Chino CA?

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When you have tried everything for headache treatment in Chino CA for the pain, let the team at HealthStrong Chiropractic go to work for you...

Headache Treatment in Chino CA

The majority of the patients that we see at HealthStrong in Chino have tried at least 2 or 3 methods of relief for headaches, and some as many as 5 or 6. Some have seen a Chiropractor for headaches, some have just taken medication that was prescribed, and some have been taking over-the-counter medication for years. By the time we typically see many of these patients they have tried everything and are about ready to give up. But the answer lies not in the symptoms of this, but in the cause. With headaches, not only are there so many types of them, but even more ways that they can be caused. Many come and go based on how we eat, our stress levels, sounds in the environment, our kids screaming, etc. These we would categorize as avoidable and easily treated, as the cause will come and go quickly. Low blood sugar due to fasting, low carb diets, and positions that we sit at while working, or studying, can all be changed very quickly.

Causes Of Your Headaches

Now onto the causes that are much more difficult to treat. Say you're holding a bowling ball in your hand. If your wrist is bent backward, it's fairly easy to hold up that ball. The human head is similar in weight to a bowling ball, which is 8-12 lbs typically. This demonstration shows the importance of a curve in the neck, and how a lack of a curve can alter how the neck feels, which in turn affects headaches. Cervicogenic headaches or crevice-genic headache is what we would categorize this as. At HealthStrong one of the first ways to diagnose headaches is to perform a motion x-ray, which allows us to pinpoint exactly which bones are moving, and which may be causing a pinched nerve, leading to the headaches, as well as determine if a lack of curve can be a factor. This is only one of the many causes of headaches, but it’s the top most common cause of headaches that we see. Follow our upcoming blogs about more causes of headaches, and how we treat them!

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