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If you have ever suffered from a pinched nerve in Chino, then you are conscious of how cruel the pain can be. Even people who have dealt with a moderate version of a pinched nerve can know that pinched nerves can result in having an uneasy feeling.

Most of the time they are generated by disc issues within the spine that are pinching the nerves which leads to pain. Not only does it generate pain but it can also limit and restrict your range of motion. After all, no one wants to live with the excruciating pain of a pinched nerve, at our office, Healthstrong Chiropractic we can come up with a neck pain treatment in Chino CA, and we can assist in finding and defeating the root cause of the pain.

Do I have a pinched nerve in Chino CA?

In most cases, people tend to feel the pain of a pinched nerve during their sleep or conceivably even right before falling asleep. Here are some symptoms of a pinched nerve :

  • Unforeseen weakness in any muscle or limb. The delicacy becomes evident when you attempt to use your muscles and realize it is not possible to do so.
  • Paresthesia is a perception of feeling tingling, burning, pricking, chilling, or numbness, this sensation can be felt anywhere on the body but it is most prevalent in the neck, back, or shoulders.
  • Feeling numbness anywhere in the body.
  • At the same time feeling sharp pain or an ache
  • Neck Pain
  • Lower or mid-back pain
  • Pain that transmits down the arm or leg, and which is burning, aching, or very sharp even when you are at rest or motionless.
  • Persistent feeling of your legs or hands becoming numb
  • Pain that manages to radiate away from the pinched nerve

Altered Activities due to a pinched nerve

  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Struggling to bend
  • Limited mobility
  • Struggle sitting for long periods of time
  • Difficulty to stand up from a sitting position

What causes nerves to become pinched?

There are various ways a nerve can become pinched. It frequently happens when compression is applied to the nerve by a bone, tissue, or cartilage.

The pressure obstructs the nerves' function which then causes numbness, pain, tingling, or weakness.

Here are a few possible causes of a pinched nerve:

  • A herniated disc in your back
  • Sciatica
  • Injury
  • Arthritis
  • Repetitive Motion
  • Obesity

Typical areas where pinched nerves develop

Throughout the body, there are many nerves and any one of them can become compressed. Natural movements such as twisting, turning, walking, and even standing can misalign the spinal column and cause a nerve to get pinched.

The most general areas where pinched nerves develop are in the neck and back. Our chiropractor at Healthstrong can examine and determine the main cause of your pinched nerve and formulate a treatment plan that will get to the source of the pain in order to accommodate a long-term solution.

What medications are the solution to my pinched nerve pain?

Medications will only bring temporary relief to the pain, and unfortunately, medications with the pain-killing agent can guide to an addiction. There are various reasons why you should bypass medicine for the pain, here are a few:

  • Pinched Nerve Medications will simply be a temporary resolution for the pain and never a permanent solution.
  • Many medicines can cause troublesome side effects.
  • The medications cannot get to the origin of the problem that's causing the pain to correct it.
  • The expense of money spent on the medications is basically wasted.

How can a chiropractor help in fixing a pinched nerve?

At Healthstrong in Chino, Ca, we can treat a pinched nerve by getting to the origin of where the pain is getting generated and concentrating on realigning the spine and allowing the body to heal without the need for prescriptions or surgery.

At our office, we do not only focus on the region of the pain but we also acknowledge the patient's entire body. The reason for this is that the area where the patient is undergoing the pain is not necessarily the source of the pain. An example of this is that a person may feel the pain of a pinched nerve throughout their leg, but the pinched nerve can be located on their back.

By finding these areas, a chiropractor can address the issue at the root, resulting in:

  • Enhanced range of motion
  • Relieved Pain
  • Diminished Swelling
  • Ability to return to being active and return to a former lifestyle
  • Progressed Flexibility
  • Decreased pain and discomfort

It’s important to get pinched nerve treatment as soon as possible because over time a pinched nerve can become more critical if it’s neglected. Unfortunately, an untreated pinched nerve can cause inflammation, decreased function, and further medical complications

Don’t allow a pinched nerve to maintain you up throughout the night, stop you from working, playing, or most importantly spending time with your loved ones. It is crucial to not jeopardize your health when you can take care of a pinched nerve early and recover to the best health in a short period. If you believe that you suffer from a pinched nerve, give our office a call to reinstate your life to being pain-free.


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