Is it safe to crack your own neck in Chino CA?

Chiropractic Chino CA Neck Pain Self Care

We get this question often in our office of Chiropractic in Chino. At Healthstrong we often get very busy, and many times our patients bring in their spouse, kids or family members. This seems to be a topic of discussion often when a patient has a teen with them. Many times when people hear that I’m a chiropractor they will ask me the question as well. The short answer is NO, absolutely not - Let us show you why neck pain treatment in Chino CA should be done by a professional.

But why?
Let’s take a quick look at the basic anatomy. The basilar artery supplies much of the blood to the brain, as you know, an extremely important part of our body. Yes, I would agree that many of the drivers on the freeway these days were born without one, but we can save that for another blog about car accident injuries. So this artery passes through the cervical vertebrae otherwise known as the neck bones, and if very fragile. If the neck is twisted too far, this artery can be ruptured and torn by the bone itself.

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Neck Pain Treatment in Chino CA

So next time you feel you need to crack your own neck, remember, it can cause a life-changing problem, that no one wants. In Chino for Chiropractic you have many choices, we are happy you have chosen to learn more about us, and we are looking forward to meeting you!

At ONLY $59 for the first visit, there are no more excuses when a Chiropractor goes to college to become a Doctor, we study this in detail, not just in books but in real human anatomy, on cadavers to ensure we know everything there is to know about the dangers of this, and how each artery, vein, and nerve come into play in this fragile neck of ours.

Issues Cracking Your Own Neck

So why is it that not everyone dies when they do it? Well within the bones in the neck are protective joints that only let it turn so far. But if forced, that’s when we see an issue. But here’s the biggest problem...

When having neck pain sometimes people think it will go away, but some go to a chiropractor for neck pain, and some just take over the counter pain medicine. The problem is that something is causing the pain, and you are not sure what. One of the 7 bones in the neck may have moved forward, or backward, or side to side and might be pinching one of the nerves and causing the neck pain and issues that you might having. But how do you know which way the bone has moved before you try to move it or crack your own neck? Well, you don’t.

That’s why I bring my car to a mechanic if the engine is making noise. I don’t go in and try to start tinkering with stuff not knowing where the noise is coming from or what I’m doing. This is critical for your own body. A chiropractor is not only educated and well -trained in dealing with this but most importantly if they are good at what they do, because not all of them are, they will do a complete examination, ranges of motion, orthopedic tests, and possibly x-rays to find out exactly where the neck bones have moved and created a plan to move it back to the correct spot.

This ensures that not only will your headache or neck pain that you were having to be resolved but it could save your life!!


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