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When seeking help for Sciatic Nerve Pain, otherwise referred to as a pinched nerve, and sometimes feels like lower back pain, or just leg pain, you want answers right? Many people search the web for back treatments, sometimes home treatments for pack pain, or sciatic nerve treatment.  While this may seem like the best route, it’s hard to know exactly what to do, or where to turn? Maybe you have tried over the counter pain medications like Advil, Alieve, Tylenol, Etc? While this may seem like a quick fix, by masking the pain, the problem is slowly getting worse.  Let’s say you are driving on a flat tire.  You keep putting air in it every morning, and it seems to slowly leak until the next day, and while driving on it it’s leaking, which breaks down the sides of the tires driving on it half flat constantly. Your damaging the tire, when all you need is to fix the flat.  

Just like searching for a Tire shop, you look on your phone at Chiropractor Near Me, and you find the closest one.  Seems good, but when you get there, the doctor doesn’t do any X Rays, and barely touches your painful areas during what they call an examination.  It’s hard to fix a flat without removing the tire!!  At HealthStrong we do advanced chiropractic testing in order to ensure we know exactly where the problem starts, do complete X Ray Diagnosis to determine a plan of action, and meet with each patient before doing any work to make sure we do what’s right for them. 

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