Lower Back Pain, Why does it happen?


There are so many causes of pain in the lower back region, which is referred to as the Lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is made up of 5 vertebrae which we number as L1-L5.  The most common area to have issues being L4/L5 which is where the most pressure is distributed when sitting or standing.  In between those vertebra is a Disc which is critical in keeping you pain free.  As time goes on from injury, or lack of movement, this disc can decrease in size with allows the vertebrae to sit closer together.  When this occurs, the canal, known as the Foramen where the root of each spinal nerve branches off the spinal cord exits can become much smaller.  

This spells disaster! When this canal becomes smaller and pressure is on the root of the nerve, everything connected suffers.  Symptoms can include, Digestion issues, electrical shock type pain, Sharp Pain, Muscle pain the back, legs, and lower body, as well as a dull ache, being the most common.  The critical step in correcting this problem is finding the cause of the nerve problem, and treating the cause of the nerve problem.  

The only way to render the correct treatment is to diagnose it correctly.  This is where HealthStrong, a Chiropractor in Chino can become one of your greatest assets.  We have become well known in the last 15 years as the #1 Chiropractic office in the Inland Empire for the diagnosis and treatment of lower back pain.  

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