Today’s Pain, why we want it gone now!


With everyone as busy as we are today, we all want instant everything.  Who know’s if it’s the internet like everyone says that makes us so impatient but I am with all of you, let’s get this thing fixed now!  

It only makes sense that if the pain just came on today that we should be able to get rid of it in one day right?  Well that’s what you would think but many times it’s the underlying cause that has been there for years, and is just waiting to show it’s ugly face! 

So how do you find out exactly when this thing started and what is really going on.  Well think about your history.  At some point in your life did you do anything that could have cause this? Honestly it could have been 20 years ago, a fall , a minor accident, something.  Don’t rule out anything that may have started this problem, and let’s think about it as a whole. 

1.) What could have happened years before?

2.) Was the pain off and on for a while?

3.) Did you have any kind of pain there before? 

4.) If the pain your feeling right now different, or similar? 

5.) What did you do for relief the last time this happened? 

Many times we wait for it to go away, “my sciatica usually gets better,” the leg pain goes away after a day, and we think ok cool, then the lower back hits, and a few days later the sciatica pain is back.  That’s not uncommon.  

The truth is, the symptoms are different for everyone, but it’s how you deal with the treatment that determines if it’s going to keep happening, or be gone for good.  

 Some different options for treatment are:

1.) Chiropractic

2.) Accupuncture

3.) Over the counter pain medication

4.) Prescribed pain medication  

5.) Massage

6.) Heat

7.) Ice

8.) Stretches

9.) Exercises  

10.) Simply resting

While each of these treatments vary in cost, and effectiveness, there is only one that will truly correct the problem.  No it’s not even the same for everyone. For example, sciatica can be caused by a tight piriformis muscle, also called piriformis syndrome. There is even a small percentage of the population in which the sciatic nerve even passes through the muscle itself, making them even more prone to symptoms.  The treatment for this is completely different than say the treatment for a pinched nerve.  The nerve may be pinched at its root, causing lower back pain, and sciatica pain.  It’s the years of experience and training that will determine what type of medical professional will be best to not only diagnose but also treat what is going on. 


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Dr. Bernath