The Best Chiropractic in Chino, CA

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How do you know we are the best? Anyone can say they are the best chiropractor in Chino or Chino Hills but what makes them better? Are they Affordable, and can they treat conditions like Sciatica and Lower Back Pain and are they the best at lower back treatment or Sciatica treatment? Well take these 5 factors into consideration and then call around and see who best fits what you are looking for…

1.) We find the cause of sciatica and lower back pain, and correct that cause, instead of just a temporary fix.

2.) For those without insurance coverage or where coverage is limited we are an affordable chiropractor in the sense that we can break any out of pocket expenses into payments.

3.) Our office can get you in right away, no matter how busy we are you can get an immediate chiropractic appointment.

4.) We have multiple Doctor’s to make sure we fit the needs of all or our patients including specialties in Pediatrics, scoliosis, and auto accident injuries.

5.) We open early at 8am and close at 6pm so that we can accommodate those who need early appointments and those who need a late appointment.

In Chino for Chiropractic you have many choices, we are happy you have chosen to learn more about us, and we are loooking forward to meeting you!

At ONLY $27 for the first visit, there’s no more excuses

Call us anytime at 909-344-3614

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-Dr. Bernath