If your in Chino,CA and you need a Chiropractor?

Searching for a Chiropractor in Chino,CA can be hectic as there are so many choices! In Chino,CA our main street is Riverside Drive and there must be at least 15 Chiropractors on that street alone. Some of which have been there for many years, and some only a few years. So how do you know which is the best chiropractor in Chino,CA? Well Of course we would say HealthStrong, but we will let you decide, but if we can make a couple suggestions? Use this guide as a quick way to see who is best.

1.) Do they offer more than just a quick adjustment?

2.) Do they offer X Ray?

3.) Is there a discount if you pay out of pocket?

4.) Are there multiple Doctor’s to choose from?

5.) Can you be seen within 24 hours or Same day?

6.) When you search for Chiropractor in Chino,CA are they found in that list?

7.) What do their online reviews look like?

8.) Is the outside and inside of the office kept up to date?

9.) Is the Staff Friendly on the phone and in person?

10.) Do they have an affordable payment plan if the Insurance doesn’t cover it?

In Chino for Chiropractic you have many choices, we are happy you have chosen to learn more about us, and we are loooking forward to meeting you!

At ONLY $27 for the first visit, there’s no more excuses

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Dr. Bernath