3 Top Reasons why you didn't get relief from seeing a Chiropractor!

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It’s said in our office at HealthStrong on a Daily basis! I saw a Chiropractor but he didn’t help me. At least 60% of the new patients that we see in our office have seen a chiropractor already with zero help from them. So what’s the difference between what we are able to do and what the other chiropractors have tried in the past? Well when we are looking at Sciatic Nerve treatment, Low Back Pain, Numbness in the legs, Sciatica pain the cause is what needs to be looked at more than anything.

The Typical Chiropractor office visit:

1.) Come in for an appointment, the Doctor feels your spine, asks you a few questions, and puts you in a few positions and cracks some stuff and immediately asks if you feel better. Then recommends seeing you 3 days a week or just says call me if it hurts again. There was no attempt to see what caused it, no x rays to look inside and find where the problem is starting. So this is not much different than taking medication, they are treating in the hopes of making a difference even though what they are treating is unknown.

2.) Only the Doctor is seeing you and adjusting you. There are no therapies performed, no stretches, no work on the delicate muscles that are attached to the bones, and no attention paid to the relationship between the bones and the nerves.

3.) A plan of action, a set beginning and end is not established so there is no confidence in what will change, no steps to take to change them, and no measurable result. It’s hard to plan a road trip without a map, transportation and a destination. Otherwise you can just be wasting lots of time!

Look for a Chiropractor that takes the time to listen to your history, perform Orthopedic Tests to narrow down the cause, takes X Rays, to pinpoint the root problem, and has an action plan to correct the problem, not just crack a few things and hope it helps.

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-Dr. Bernath 

Dr. Bernath