Is it Nerve Pain?

It’s difficult for a patient to separate where their pain is coming from exactly and what is causing it. All you know is it hurts! And Many times where you are feeling the pain, may not be where the cause is. Think is driving on the freeway, and you hit some traffic. Chances are there is an accident, but it may be miles ahead of you. So the traffic will still remain until the cause of it ( the accident ) is cleared. Your pain exhibits much of the same properties. The pain will come and go, much like the traffic, but will always return, sometimes much worse, until the cause is cleared.

So that brings me to the next point. It’s the Doctor’s job to find this cause right? Shouldn’t every doctor be looking for the cause of the sciatic nerve pain, or the pinched nerve anywhere? Many times our patients tell us that the doctors they have visited hardly even touched them, and instead just wrote a prescription for drugs, and sent them on their way.

For symptoms like sciatic nerve pain, lower back pain, leg pain, numbness, pinched nerves and knee pain, taking pills just covers up the pain temporarily. It’s like someone put cones out to help the traffic for the accident on the freeway, but it’s still there, just not as bad.

So what does a pinched nerve feel like then? Many patients describe it as a burning pain, electrical shock pain, or a very sharp lower back pain or leg pain. If it’s been some time there can even be some numbness in the legs and possibly the feet. If the numbness has been there for a while it can even become permanent. When any of these occur, a proper examination and treatment plan is critical.

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