Back Pain Care is Expensive!


Sure, many people use the excuse that taking care of their lower back pain can be expensive.  But it depends on where you are doing it, how long you have let the pain go without care, and what your desired results are.  Currently there are membership type Chiropractic Offices, where one can go and pay a small monthly fee for adjustments.  In these type of MASSAGE STYLE Clinics, there are no X Rays taken, and rarely an exam.  The Doctors are usually new right out of school, or failed in practice on their own.  These clinics seem great to patients who are suffering and can’t afford much.  They do have their place though as they may be a good option for someone who is not in pain and just needs maintenance.  What we ask ourselves on a regular basis is what is your sciatica, and lower back pain costing you? How much time in your life have you lost from this pain, so what should you really afford?


 When you search for affordable Chiropractic Care near you, what do you have in mind? Are you looking for a temporary nerve pain fix, or a permanent long term back pain correction? Without a proper examination and x rays, its tough to tell what’s really causing the problem so treating it can be difficult. How often do you buy a carton of eggs without opening them? If you do, then these membership type offices may be a good fit, but If you are looking for a Doctor who will not only open the egg carton, but take each egg out, inspect it, and test it, then HealthStrong a Chiropractor in Chino is the right one for you!

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